Industrial Sector - National Security Alliance


Industrial sites require a high degree of regulation to ensure the safety and security of both people and property. National Security Alliance recognises that processes and procedures surrounding the access and movement of both people and product in, out, and around an industrial site need to be tightly adhered to, in order to prevent potentially catastrophic consequences, and at the very least to preserve the integrity of the brand.


National Security Alliance risk consultants liaise directly with Site, Safety, and Compliance Managers to develop a robust yet practical risk mitigation plan focusing on safety, compliance, monitoring, and control; and utilising both manned and electronic security and safety solutions.  

The NSA seeks to integrate auxiliary services seamlessly into our customers’ framework, freeing up our customers to concentrate on their core business. We assimilate our service charter and delivery standards to those of our customers, and look to uphold and maintain the values of the customers that we represent.


Security personnel working on industrial sites may hold or are provided training in a variety of sector specific accreditations including Workplace Health & Safety, Traffic Control, Emergency Response, Fire Warden, Personal Screening, & Baggage Screening as required. Ongoing training by accredited trainers is provided on a regular basis.


Security Application


Gatehouse/Loading Dock Management

  • vehicular and pedestrian access control
  • management of deliveries
  • contractor inductions and management
  • safety compliance and management
  • monitoring of fire panel and building management systems


Foot Patrols

  • Surveillance of site area and specific inspection of identified high value and vulnerable assets
  • after hours access control including the challenging and/or apprehension of unauthorized persons
  • inspection and maintenance of key operational systems including pumps, generators, and lighting towers
  • detailed reporting including potential safety
  • security and maintenance breaches/issues


Control Room Operations

  • monitoring of CCTV
  • electronic access control swipe card generation and system management
  • administrative functions
  • high level reporting


Remote Video Guarding

  • fixed and mobile systems available
  • 24/7 video recording
  • after hours event activated live video feeds to our control centre
  • VOIP warning messages via PA speakers
  • remotely activated security lighting
  • rapid deployment of mobile response unit or police
  • real time management of security and safety breaches


Dedicated and Ad Hoc Patrols and Response

  • marked vehicles conducting regular but random site inspections
  • specific scrutiny of identified areas of risk
  • management of on site persons and challenging of unauthorized persons
  • highly visible and mobile presence


Electronic Solutions

  • installation and monitoring of intruder detection systems
  • access control systems
  • CCTV systems
  • electronic patrol verification systems
  • specific customer interface options available