Infrastructure Sector - National Security Alliance


Critical Infrastructure is as diverse as it is expansive, with common threads being the fundamental necessity of business continuity, and the requirement of a level of protection to ensure this continuity.

The National Security Alliance adopts a proactive and responsive approach to managing the security requirements of critical infrastructure.  Consideration is always given to the regulatory environment that our staff operate in, ensuring seamless assimilation and compliance to existing company policies and procedures.


Initial and ongoing staff clearance and training is paramount in critical infrastructure environments. National Security Alliance will take the time to thoroughly process all personnel planned for deployment to site to ensure all checks are performed as per company requirements. Company and site inductions will have particular emphasis on compliance. Training matrixes will be formulated in consultation with company representatives; and regular ongoing training sessions scheduled to meet regulatory preconditions.


Due to the diversity in the sector, National Security Alliance can provide a variety of security functions dependent on the specific needs of the stakeholders. Examples of security provisions to this sector include: dedicated vehicular patrols to energy and water facilities, static guards to hospitals, escort services on public transport, and access control to communication and network security hubs.


Security Applications


Dedicated and Ad Hoc Patrols and Response

  • marked vehicles conducting regular but random site inspections
  • specific scrutiny of identified areas of risk
  • management of on site persons and challenging of unauthorized persons
  • highly visible and mobile presence


Stationary access control

  • protection and access control of sensitive and/or vulnerable areas/assets on an as needs basis
  • highly visual and professional presence


Foot Patrols

  • Surveillance of site area and specific inspection of identified high value and vulnerable assets
  • after hours access control including the challenging and/or apprehension of unauthorized persons
  • inspection and maintenance of key operational systems including pumps, generators, and lighting towers
  • detailed reporting including potential safety
  • security and maintenance breaches/issues


Control Room Operations

  • monitoring of CCTV
  • electronic access control swipe card generation and system management
  • administrative functions
  • high level reporting


Remote Video Guarding

  • fixed and mobile systems available
  • 24/7 video recording
  • after hours event activated live video feeds to our control centre
  • VOIP warning messages via PA speakers
  • remotely activated security lighting
  • rapid deployment of mobile response unit or police
  • real time management of security and safety breaches


Electronic Solutions

  • installation and monitoring of intruder detection systems
  • access control systems
  • CCTV systems
  • electronic patrol verification systems
  • specific customer interface options available